DENHAM x Candiani Denim

Founded in 1938 near Milan, Italy, Candiani Denim is one of the most well respected and sustainable fabric mills in the world. A family-run business, the Candiani name stands for premium quality and innovation. The mill is also committed to working with sustainable ingredients – like organic and recycled cotton – and developing ecologically friendly dyeing and wash technologies.

For over nine years, DENHAM and Candiani have worked in close collaboration to master the art of vintage replication, and strike the right balance between tradition and modernity. Below is more information on some of Candiani’s work.

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History of Candiani

Candiani Denim was established in 1938 in a tiny town near Milano and is a family-run company ever since.

In 75 years of experience the enterprise grew to become the World's finest and most sustainable denim mill creating the fabrics that gave birth to the Premium Denim Industry.

Candiani firmly believes in the importance of Made in Italy, Sustainability and Innovation, values that are deeply woven into each fabric conferring inimitable quality and uniqueness to it.

Today Candiani is known as the greenest textile company in the blue World and produces for the most prestigious names in the market.

Stretch Innovation

Candiani’s stretch fabrics are created through innovative blends of fibres, yarns and elastomers, allowing for up to 60% elasticity and a soft, natural touch. The fabrics still retain a high recovery, so over time your jeans won’t bag out or lose their shape.

Golden Rivets (Rivetto D’Oro)

Golden rivets are a seal of premium quality, ensuring that the garment is made of the finest Italian fabric. They are only used on jeans that have been made by the Candiani Mill. Candiani has selected a limited number of jean makers worldwide who are entrusted to use these rivets — and DENHAM is one of them. Also called “Rivetto D’oro” in Italian.

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N Denim

Candiani has pioneered the creation of ‘N Denim,’ the cleanest and most eco-friendly dyeing technology on the market. ‘N’ stands from nitrogen, which accelerates the penetration of indigo into the yarns. As a result, the fabric can undergo fewer indigo baths; it saves up to 33% of water and 50% of chemicals that are typically used in dyeing processes. Plus, the resulting product has a deeper and stronger dye to it.

Indigo Juice

This sustainable dyeing technology keeps indigo application light on the yarn, but without increasing the crocking (the term used when dye rubs off fabric onto skin). As a result, once the fabric is washed, it only takes a small amount of water and energy to wash-down the indigo.


Since its establishment in 1938, Candiani has shared a close relationship with its local environment and community. The mill is committed to continually reducing its use of natural resources and its overall environmental impact. Some examples include:

  • It is committed to recycling across its business, including yarn waste from the spinning, warping and dyeing departments.
  • Its facilities are designed with strategic engineering to optimise sustainable technology.
  • It responsibly sources ingredients and only uses 100% organic cotton; it also sources 25% of its cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative.
  • It constantly develops and patents new technologies for each area of the denim production cycle (spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing) to increase sustainability.