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We believe that to craft the perfect jeans, you need to start with the best quality materials. To do this, we have spent years building relationships with the best mills and laundry houses in the world. We only work with durable, high-performing fabrics from the best weavers; we are obsessed with the dyeing process and studying how fabrics age over time.

Here’s a little more info about how we develop our signature designs and the fabrics we work with.

Candiani Denim

Made in Italy

Founded in 1938 near Milan, Italy, Candiani Denim is one of the most well respected fabric mills in the world. The company is renowned for its premium fabrics, expertise in artisan textiles, and sustainability innovation — it is known as one of the ‘greenest’ textile companies in the world.

Over the past 10 years, DENHAM and Candiani have proudly nurtured a close collaborative relationship. We share a passion for authenticity, quality and mastering the art of vintage replication.

Each wash service includes an inspection of the jean, so we can identify any areas that may need wear-and-tear repairs. Post-wash, jeans hang-dry for two days in the perfect temperature, leaving them feeling clean, fresh and crisp.

Amongst Candiani’s many accomplishments, it has developed premium quality Italian selvedge denim and signature golden rivets. Every pair of DENHAM jeans that’s made with Candiani fabric is finished with these golden rivets, as a seal of quality. The styles celebrate a natural authenticity fused with dynamic fit, modern performance and exemplary quality.

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Stretch Denim

Our stretch denim is designed for movement, comfort and balance. Over the years we’ve developed a wide range of options – in various blends, twills and weights, from slight comfort stretch qualities to extreme power stretch flexibility. Crafted from natural cotton, our stretch denims have strength and durability to stand the test of time; they also have great recovery (so they don’t sag over time) while retaining the look of authentic denim. DENHAM is proud to have been one of the first brands to pioneer the use of stretch denim in its men’s collections.

Japanese Denim

‘Japan has one of the most educated denim markets in the world,’ says Jason Denham. ‘They have, I think, some of the best materials and best denim, especially in the raw selvedge kind of fabric.’

Ever since Denham’s first visit to Japan, he has been fascinated by the culture and obsessive focus demonstrated by Japanese artisans, designers, producers and even consumers. They have become infatuated by the iconic American blue jeans, worn by everyone from rebellious cowboys and rock stars to Hollywood legends.

In the 1960s, the big American weaving mills switched from narrow 29” looms to more efficient 55” weaving machines. As the Americans phased out the laborious ‘old school’ method of production, the Japanese purchased the old machines and have continued using them to today. They have since combined traditional American qualities with their own touch: the best yarns; the most rigorous standards for dyeing and weaving; premium fits; and the highest attention to artisan detail.

All DENHAM jeans that are made in Japan are sealed with unique red rivets – a homage to the Japanese flag.

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