The Story of the Logo

Throughout Jason Denham’s career, he has collected over 1,000 pairs of tailoring scissors – each with a unique story and past. But there’s one scissor that’s the most important: his first pair of tailor’s shears which he bought at university in the 1970s, and which inspired the brand’s iconic logo.

The original logo artwork was rendered by hand in watercolour and then digitalised. The result is a unique impression that combines craft and technology, consistent with the brand’s design mantra to ‘Worship Tradition, Destroy Convention.’ The scissor is also a metaphor for the DENHAM team spirit, with the two blades working together for a greater result.

Scissors are the most important tool for a jean maker, as the cut is an essential part of the jean. The scissor is a multi-talented tool and a distinctive element of our brand.

Jason Denham

Denham Scissor Collection

Today, ‘scissor maniac’ Denham continues to grow his collection — in fact, it is said he has the largest collection of vintage scissors in the world. Over 1,000 pairs hail from the likes of Spain, Germany, Turkey, the US and Japan, with special highlights including shears from 16th century France and a pair that belonged to Andy Warhol.

‘We showcase the scissor collection in our headquarters and showrooms all over the world,’ Denham explains. ‘And all our stores have a selection, often displayed in glass cases or frames.’

Scissor Art

From professional graphics to creative doodles, here are some amazing pieces of art that our designers have created. They’re (obviously!) all centred around our beloved scissor logo.