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Lookout Shirt Dress - LWIT
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Lookout Shirt Dress - LWIT



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Lookout Shirt Dress - LWIT

This relaxed shirtdress doubles as a light, loose-fitting coat. It was inspired by a duster coat, which were originally full-length, light-coloured canvas or linen coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust.

  • The fabric has been washed and bleached to a medium indigo shade, with a super soft feel and lots of drape.
  • The design has a flattering open collar and fabric belt.
  • Our seasonal Japanese-inspired 'katagami' print is used on the interior of the cuffs and under the collar for a pop of fun.
  • 100% Tencel


From Amsterdam to Tokyo

This season the spark that ignited the design process originated with a walk through Amsterdam’s 9-Streets. The neighborhood that gave birth to Denham continues to serve as a simple map for its passions and values. Just a few blocks down from the design studio is respected local antique store Van Hier tot Tokio (From Here to Tokyo) specializing Japanese furniture, textiles and object d’art. With a strong presence in Japan and loads of inspiration bouncing back and forth between Japan and the Amsterdam studio, the brand itself extends “From Here to Tokyo”.

On a loop around the neighborhood Jason Denham made a routine visit to the shop and uncovered a stack of antique “katagami” stencils of the type used to print silk kimono. Each one had been hand- cut and punched with complex motifs and each one showed signs of careful use over the years. Jason procured a few examples and brought them into the studio for inspiration. The design team could only imagine the textiles these stencils would have helped create during their time in service in Japan. The team quickly resolved to give the designs a second life and a contemporary relevance within the new collection. A perfect way to return to Denham’s ethos of quality, storytelling and a deep respect for Japan’s contribution to denim and to fashion history in general.Our yoke panels are finished with our signature print – a collection of scissor artwork we’ve designed over the years. So, every time you look inside your jeans, you’ll see a little bit of history.

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The Logo

The brand’s iconic logo

For Jason Denham, scissors are a symbol of his craft. Throughout his career he’s collected thousands of pairs – each with a unique story and past. But there’s one scissor that’s the most important: his first pair, which inspired the brand’s iconic logo.

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By Jason Denham

I’ve dedicated my life to making the perfect jeans. They’re my passion and my pride. Like a chef, I hand pick all my ingredients: I study tradition and technique, and obsess over every detail. I honour heritage and authenticity, while bringing a modern twist to my craft. I believe ‘The Truth is in the Details’ and every pair of DENHAM jeans tells a story – one that evolves every time they’re worn. I’m excited to share in this journey and story with you.