About Denham The Jeanmaker

These are the principles of Denham design; 1 Start with the best fabrics - 2 Combine them with the most innovative high quality details – 3 Cut the most modern flattering fits – 4 And finish with the most authentic range of natural washes and wear–patterns. These combine into a premise that drives everything we make from Denham Essentials through the 5-pocket range and into our entire collection. The essence of these principles is powerfully demonstrated by turning one of our jeans inside out. This simple gesture says; “Welcome to the future of Jeanmaking” and this is the essence of any launch presentation of the Denham brand.

DENHAM was conceived in 2008 by internationally respected jeanmaker, Jason Denham. The label represents his sincere resolve to resist compromise and focuses on a signature range of premium denim as well as a unique collection of tops and accessories.

One step inside the DENHAM design studio and even a casual observer can sense what’s going on. Fewer than half-a-dozen creatives with a combined experience of over half of century in the field of workwear and utility garment design apparently share a deep seated view that now it is their turn. Born in the 60’s and 70’s and weaned on the design cultures of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s they share a universal and passionate culture that transcends their individual regional perspectives. Despite having cut their creative teeth in the rich and varying landscapes of the UK, Europe and the US they rarely require extensive dialogue to determine direction. Replacing the standard chatter of trend analysis and market tactics is the throb of music, the reassuring whir of an industrial sewing machine, the gnashing of scissor blades and more mysterious sounds of experimentation, all which combine to create an atmosphere that is equal parts workshop, laboratory, research centre and dynamic modern design atelier. The team is still young and naïve enough to try new approaches. And they’re still young enough to work with the sometimes, breakneck momentum associated with youthful enthusiasm. But they’re also experienced enough to work with a confidence and discipline that ensures a constant focus on quality, workmanship and execution. For them the truth is in the details.

DENHAM Design: Design Integrity

Denham design is permanently tied to their belief in denim’s basic integrity. They look at the core of what drives jeans culture to inspire the approach they take in everything they do.

The DENHAM label is focused on balancing an intense commitment to progressive design against an equally obsessive respect for jeans craft tradition. In step with founder Jason Denham’s long held personal creative convictions, they endeavour to manifest a practical “jeanmaker” attitude of honest craftsmanship multiplied by fearless experimentation and invention not only in every jean they create, but in every garment in the line and every other aspect of the label.

Worship Tradition: Destroy Convention

The process of making begins with looking. A humbling sense that they can never look “too closely” at any of the hundreds and hundreds of vintage specimens within their Denham Garment Library inspires them to explore every detail on the best and most iconic denim, casual and utility garment examples. They’re striving to recreate this clothing’s timeless wearability, add to its rich style-culture and contribute to its tradition of hard-won incremental innovation... a process that has sometimes taken centuries to evolve. They’re working to create something uncompromisingly new, but they’re also determined to root it in the strongest possible foundation.

The habit of looking closely reminds them that it takes generations to establish a great tradition and achieving quality is never simple. Quality is the source of the fibres before they are spun into yarn. It is about weaving specifications, construction techniques, dyeing and laundering processes. It is about hardware, closures, labelling and finishes. It is about the front side, the backside, the inside, the right side and the other side. It ‘s not simple, It’s complicated. But ultimately for DENHAM it’s become addictive.

Destory Convention: Convention prevents Progress

Contrary to popular belief, traditions are not honoured by blind mindless repetition. Traditions are advanced through challenging convention in a constant search for improvement. DENHAM’s clear ambition is to add to tradition through trial-and-error, through innovation and invention. A closer look around DENHAM’s studio confirms that these folks are willing to try things others might even regard as a little bit crazy. The sweetest fruit is sometimes hanging furthest out on a limb and the team is obviously resolved not to let fear get in the way.

Holding their label to a higher standard of invention also accounts for the brand’s fearlessness when it comes to sharing their personal archive. Where their competitors might horde away their research material, DENHAM is happy to regularly publish key artifacts from their Denham Garment Library online for the world to see in hopes of spreading the same passion for quality, utility and detail in anyone willing to join them in “looking close”. This unconventional generosity is also a testament to their commitment to move things forward and never be content merely reproduce the work of others, even if those others’ names have sometimes been safely lost to history.