DENHAM knows that when you find great jeans, you’ll want to wear them for life. So when you purchase a pair of DENHAM jeans, we’ll help to take care of them through our Service Co. It’s an all-in-one denim maintenance shop where we handle alterations, repairs and laundry service.

Our staff has been specially trained to give your denim the love it deserves. They’ll stitch, darn, hand-wash and reinforce each pair of jeans by hand so they can continue on their journey for as long as possible. Our team also takes note of natural wear patterns that develop over time, which serve as our biggest inspiration in developing washes.

Like an atelier, Service Co. units are equipped with vintage sewing machines from the U.S. and Germany, which have been restored.


Every pair of DENHAM jeans has a service guarantee for one year (meaning all repairs all complimentary, for the first year). After that, we charge a small fee for our services (scroll down to see the menu).

While we can repair almost any jean, most often we work on virgin (raw) denim as the owner is wearing them in. At one point in time — normally after multiple years of wear — stretch denim will reach the end of its lifespan, as the denim will become too thin or stretched to mend.


Service Menu


We’ll shorten and re-stich your jeans to the perfect length. (€10)


A refreshing cold water, ezyme hand-wash to remove dirt and dust build-up. For raw denim. (€10)


We sew patches into jeans for various reasons: to strengthen weak areas, mend holes, or simply to change the aesthetic appearance. Pick your patches and we’ll place ‘em wherever you like. (€10)

Darn & Repair

Depending on the size and scope of a hole, we can cover it in two ways: a patch or a darn. Darning uses thread to “reweave” new yarns over a hole or area that has thinned out. (€10 - €25)


Customise denim with your initials, name or words stitched onto your jeans – anywhere you’d like, inside or out. (Cost on request)

Wash for Virgin Jeans

True denim heads know you don’t need to wash your virgin jeans every week — in fact, every month is too often. We typically recommend you wait six months between washes, which gives you time to break in the fabric and develop your own bespoke wear pattern.

The DENHAM Service Co.’s laundry treatment will gently remove the build-up of dirt and dust from your jeans — and it’s all done by hand. We only wash them inside out, which keeps wear patterns intact and removes dead skin cells that accumulate inside (gross, we know). Our hand-wash is also the best way to ensure your jeans retain their dark colour, as it typically doesn’t remove much indigo.

Each wash service includes an inspection of the jean, so we can identify any areas that may need wear-and-tear repairs. Post-wash, jeans hang-dry for two days in the perfect temperature, leaving them feeling clean, fresh and crisp.

There are multiple benefits to hand-washing your jeans. It saves on water and detergent of regular machine-washing, plus the spinning of a machine could wear out the fabric faster. Hand-washing is more gentle, and allows you to treat quality products with the care they deserve.

Remember: six months is the golden rule for washes; if you wait longer, accumulated dirt can start to damage the fabric. Your local DENHAM store team will happily give you personal wash advice based on the denim fabric and wear history.

The Service Co. is available at select DENHAM stores including Amsterdam (Runstraat 18), Dusseldorf, Sydney, Osaka and Tokyo. Service Co. also occasionally goes ‘on tour’ to different stores (follow us on Instagram to find out when and where).

Depending on the level of work required, the service may take up to a few days, especially if you’re looking for a wash. If it’ll be a quick job, you’re always welcome to enjoy a coffee while you wait.