Denham Amsterdam

DENHAM was born on 14th January 2008. Jason Denham and his wife picked up the keys to an empty gallery space on the Prinsengracht, in Amsterdam. We started with 2 plastic chairs, a clear vision, relentless drive and a passion to create the next ‘mouth watering’ jeans brand. Meanwhile, Denham has opened more than six boutiques in Amsterdam and is selling all over the world.

"Immediately on arriving it dawned on me that this, finally, was the real denim capital of the world. Amsterdam is the personification of everything jeans represent. Unyielding, slightly rebellious, adventurous, firmly opinionated, never afraid to make a statement and always uniquely individual. From the very first day, I felt like I had come home. So I think it makes sense that many of the major modern denim brands are getting their start in Amsterdam or are moving here. This is the modern heart of the international denim industry." - Jason Denham

Stores in Amsterdam

City Center

De 9 Straatjes/The 9 Streets