Stretch Denim Guide

Our stretch denim is designed for movement, comfort and balance. Over the years we’ve developed a wide range of options in different blends, twills and weights — from slight comfort stretch qualities to extreme power stretch flexibility.

Our stretches

Crafted from natural cotton, our stretch denims have strength and durability to stand the test of time. They also have great recovery (so they don’t sag over time) while retaining the look of authentic denim. DENHAM is proud to have been one of the first brands to pioneer the use of stretch denim in its men’s collections.

Wondering how to tell the difference between types of stretch denim, and which is best for you? Check out our handy guide, which explains the different between our levels of stretch.


Zero stretch is added to this denim, so it has an authentic look and feel. Rigid denim can be pretty stiff and rigid when you first put it on; its true beauty will appear over time as you break in the fabric with your own wear pattern.

Comfort Stretch

Has an authentic look, with a liiiittle bit of stretch added to it for comfort. It’s used throughout our men’s collections and in our women’s collections for the Heidi, Monroe, Sally and Alex silhouettes.


As the name indicates, this fabric has a normal level of stretch. It’s used throughout our men’s collections and in our women’s collections in the Sharp, Needle and Spray silhouettes.

Power Stretch

WOW, this fabric has super stretch capabilities! Our power stretch denim will hold its shape with extended wear; it has an amazing recovery, so it doesn’t bag out or sag over time. This fabric is mostly used in our women’s collection in skinny and super skinny silhouettes (Needle, Sharp and Spray).

Warp Denim

Warp Denim is a unique new technology used in our men’s and women’s collection. The fabric does not stretch in its horizontal weft weave, per tradition methods of making stretch denim; instead, the stretch has been added into the vertical warp weave, which allows for flexibility up-and-down. This fabric offers incredible performance and fit.

Ultimate Stretch

This new fabric has been developed in collaboration with the Candiani Denim mill and is constructed from multi-blend fibres that are typically used in the stockings industry. The fabric is not only super soft, but it has 360-degree super-stretch capabilities, with the stretch built into both the warp and the weft. In addition to incredible movement and comfort, the fabric has fantastic recovery. It has been silicone rinse washed.