Our vision is to create beautiful, premium quality product that can be loved, worn and serviced for life. Our designs balance innovation with a respect for tradition and attention to detail; the combination is so unique that it makes your pulse quicken and your mouth water.

Our values are centred on three areas: people, product and presentation. We harness the power of this combination to deliver top quality results in all areas of our business.

"Work hard & be nice to people",

poster created by graphic designer Anthony Burrill that hungs in the first DENHAM Office and serves as constant inspiration.

At DENHAM, we love...

The coffee corner at our Concept Store.

A lot of us start our day with amazing fresh coffee in our DENHAM Concept Store on Prinsengracht, as our Headquarters are just steps away from it. So if you go there (and you should), you will probably see us!

Healthy lunches at our Headquarters.

Our cook Sonja makes healthy and yummy lunches for everyone on a daily basis, and we enjoy it together in the kitchen or our garden. We also have fruit, drinks and snacks at all times.

Launch parties!

From collaborations with artists and other brands to special tattoo events, we have many great stories to tell to our fans, partners and costumers. What better way to celebrate and share them than with music, drinks and food?

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