DENHAM x Reyn Spooner

A collaboration between two brands who believe in premium quality style and longevity in their product.
Aloha shirts cut together with authentic denim jeans.

For Summer 2022, we collaborated with Reyn Spooner, the original Aloha shirt brand.
Combining a shared love for Eastern culture, kimono prints and Japanese artisan techniques.

For over 50 years Reyn Spooner has been making authentic clean-cut preppy Aloha shirts on the shores of California and Hawaii.
Every shirt is inspired by the Aloha way of life.

Focusing on the heritage and history of authentic denim and the iconic summer look of the 1950s Americana.
Sun-bleached, faded, ripped and repaired using traditional Japanese fabric made in Osaka.

Discover the DENHAM x Reyn Spooner collection.