DENHAM x Stieglitz

Introducing a co-designed women's collection combining the signature aesthetic of both brands.

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About the event

On Thursday, 2 March, we will celebrate the new DENHAM X Stieglitz collection in true DENHAM style: with a launch party!

What’s it all about? Pien Stieglitz is an Amsterdam-based womenswear designer whose work is inspired by the idea of tribes and ethnic groups. This season, she and Jason Denham have co-designed a limited-edition collection for women, featuring a jacket, jeans and a tee. The styles fuse DENHAM’s signature aesthetic with Stieglitz’s twist: bohemian embroidered graphics meet basket-weave appliqués and scar-stitch detailing. This is DENHAM’s 14th House Guest Artist collaboration in its ongoing series.

We can’t wait to celebrate the collection at our Amsterdam women’s store (Runstraat 15).

Bites by Jaimie van Heije.
Cocktails by Shake & Serve.
Tunes by Emanuelle Vos & Nazli Parlayan.

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