Our Exclusive Japanese Capsule

A genuine East meets West story. Inspired by 10 years of partnership, which turned into a lifelong friendship between our founder Jason Denham and Aki Negishi, DENHAM Japan's CEO.
A tribute and celebration of the relationship between DENHAM’s Amsterdam and Japan teams.

The DENHAM Japanese Capsule Collection, featuring traditional Japanese aesthetics, superior fabrics and authentic DENHAM fits.

Designed and partly made in Japan, this limited-edition collection brings together Jason's ongoing fascination with military wear, modern-day uniforms and authentic Japanese style.

Featuring indigo styles designed to elevate any wardrobe, key pieces include the COACH Jacket, made from Kodenshi performance
fabric, the DENIM jacket cut from premium indigo Zimbabwe cotton and one-of-a-kind Bolo necklaces. Made by local artist BOROnote, these exclusive necklaces are woven from original Japanese vintage fabrics known as Boro.

The Japanese Capsule Collection features striking Japanese visuals, such as the Pine Bonsai Tree, symbolising harmony, peace and balance - the cornerstones of friendship.
It also features different forms of Sashiko, a type of traditional Japanese stitching used for decorative and functional reinforcement of fabrics.