Quality, Style & Craftsmanship:
100% Made in Italy

Continuing our support for Italian craftsmanship, our 100% Made in Italy collection is produced by the finest denim weavers, pattern makers and laundry experts.
Stemming from the generational knowledge of local artisan skills passed along through the family, our 100% Made in Italy collection honours the tradition of premium denim.
Paired with the culture of luxury apparel dedicated to quality, we paid the closest attention to the smallest details.

We’re always referencing our past to build for the future.

Looking back upon the generational work of skilled craftspeople who’ve helped create our denim collections, we interweave expertise with passion and innovation to develop the finest Italian denim jeans offering.
Blending the tradition of premium denim with the culture of luxury apparel, with complete dedication to quality, we pay full attention to detail because the truth is in the details.

That's 100% Made in Italy.

Working with denim masters like Candiani Denim, CS Jeans and Le Group, we developed a special 12oz stretch selvedge.
Available in a series of new washes and fits for men and women, we bring you the best of Italian denim artistry for Summer 2022.

We always look to the past before building the future. Our research for new collections starts with our denim archive.
We collect, cherish and lovingly archive vintage denim from around the world at the DENHAM HQ.
From genuine worn-in finishes to extreme repair details and authentic wear patterns, our ever-growing archive remains one of our biggest sources of inspiration.