Now Available: Call & Collect.


From Wednesday, December 22nd, DENHAM will be introducing an order and pick-up option for our Dutch Stores - Call & Collect.
Customers will be able to order our latest collection via phone, email or WhatsApp at the store location of their choice for store pick-up at an allocated time & date.

A full list of participating stores and FAQs on Call & Collect Service is listed below.
Please note, customers are not allowed inside the stores with our Call & Collect service.


Hobbemastraat 6-8
1071 ZA Amsterdam

Whatsapp/tel: +31206813524


Amsterdam Men's

Prinsengracht 495
1016 HR Amsterdam

Whatsapp/tel: +31203449133


Amsterdam Women's

Runstraat 18
1016 GJ Amsterdam

Whatsapp/tel: +31203302464


Utrecht Men's

Choorstraat 9
3511 KK Utrecht

Whatsapp/tel: +31303074363


Utrecht Women's

Choorstraat 2
3511 KM Utrecht

Whatsapp/tel: +31308795205



Meent 65 A
3011 JD Rotterdam

Whatsapp/tel: +31103161750


Den Haag

Hoogstraat 25
2513 AP Den Haag

Whatsapp/tel: +31702195300



Maastrichter Brugstraat 16
6211 ET Maastricht

Whatsapp/tel: +31432058140



Bataviaplein 260
8242 PV Lelystad

Whatsapp/tel: +31320260636


Call & Collect Service FAQ's

When will the stores be open?

Monday & Sunday 12-17 CET, Tuesday - Saturday 10-17 CET. Please note, you are not able to enter the store, but will be able to collect your order outside the store.

Is it possible to order online and pick-up in store?

No, you can only place a store order via Whatsapp, email or phone.

Is it possible to return an online order in the store?


Do I need to make an appointment to pick-up my Call & Collect order?

Yes, a timeslot will be given by the store when an order is placed.

What number do I have to call for Call & Collect?

The phone number of the store where you want to collect your order from.

How do I pay for a Call & Collect order?

You pay when collecting your order. Preferably by card, but the option to pay by cash is also possible.

What is the Call & Collect return policy?

You can return items ordered by Call & Collect to the same store. Please call the store you originally ordered from to schedule a time and date to hand over your return within two weeks. A full or partial refund will be made when needed.

How do I place an order?
  1. Let one of our stores know the items you're interested in ordering either by phone, email or Whatsapp.
  2. Clearly state the item name or article number, colour or washing and your size. (you can also send a screenshot of the item(s) you'd like to order for collection.)
  3. The store will inform you of the availability of each item.
  4. The store will give you a time and date for when you can collect your order.

All orders can be paid for and collected outside the store of your choice.