We believe in reusing materials, whenever possible. Which is why upcycling is a growing part of our collections.

Over the years we have purchased deadstock fabrics, surplus materials and old textiles from around the world and used it to make new, beautiful garments for you. For example, did you know that after 10,000 hours of jumps parachutes are retired? Made from strong, durable silk, all that lovely material lies wasting away in warehouses afterwards. That is where we come in, buy the material and use it to make new jackets, tops and more.





Did you know that most fashion brands have surplus stock at the end of each season? Rather than selling off former collections at a discounted price to other discount retailers, our founder Jason Denham decided to work with the founder of LA-based design firm Atelier & Repairs, Maurizio Donadi, to remake the leftover garments into something new.

Taking deadstock DENHAM cargo pants, sourced from the Denham Garment Library, they reimagined what the garments could look like. Using vintage fabrics and excess stock, they cut and stitched entirely new, beautiful one-off creations that were an instant hit.

The two have a shared vision for social and environmental impact, as well as transparency in the industry, which is why they worked together to rework the garments in London to help minimise the carbon footprint of the collection. Now that's sustainable, intentional design.


Our recut parka from AW 2017 is a great example of what you can do with repurposed materials, and how easy it can be to breathe new life into vintage fabrics. The parka was crafted from old Dutch military tents used during the Second World War. DENHAM simply recovered all the usable materials from the tents - including the orig- inal ripstop fabric to the seams and toggles - to make new, trendy and beautiful fitting parkas. Each of the items featured a completely unique colour depending on the original tent’s exposure to the ele- ments, as well as other regular wear-and-tear.


The Hvanna Parka Re-Cut edition is made from deadstock high density ripstop, originated from general purpose tents. DENHAM’s take on a classic military M-1948 parkahe ultimate 3-in-1 parka, with a down filled removable liner.