5 Steps to Choosing a Jean

Ladies, if there’s one staple item we all need in our wardrobes, it’s a good pair of jeans. But with so many options available, it can be a little overwhelming to choose a style. Follow these five steps to help you determine what jeans are best for you.

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1. Choose a Colour

Denim is available in hundreds of colour options, from shades of grey and white to iconic indigo, blue and black. On top of that, special treatments like stone washing, sanding or lasering are used to create effects like whiskers, honeycombs and stacks. Consider the following when choosing the a colour:

  • Dark wash: has a slimming effect and are probably the most versatile; they can be easily dressed up or dressed down.
  • Light washes and greys: are perfect for summer months.
  • Black: is an everyday basic, great for year-round wear.

2. Choose a Fit

Fit is one of — if not the most — important elements in selecting a new pair of jeans. Unfortunately there is no universal denim sizing chart, so every brand’s jeans will fit your body differently. Here are our recommendations on finding the best fit for you:

  • High Rise: We love high-rise jeans for their magical ability to lengthen, flatter and balance your shape.
  • Low Rise: On the more casual side, low-rise jeans are great if you have a smaller midsection (this will help give you the appearance of a longer torso).
  • Skinny: Our most popular silhouette, because they work best on so many body types.
  • Flared: Can create a balanced look, whether you’re curvy, athletic, pear-shaped or petite. A wide-legged flared jean can seriously enhance the appearance of your leg length (and that’s always a good thing).
  • Straight Leg: A good option if you’re looking to balance your proportions, especially if you have curvier hips or a fuller belly.
  • Girlfriend: The perfect mix of casual, cool and comfortable. They should be worn with a cuff at the bottom hem.

Our Fits

Spray - Super Tight Fit

Sharp - Skinny Fit

Needle - High Skinny Fit

Monroe - Girlfriend Tapered Fit

Alex - Loose Crop Fit

Heidi - High Slim Fit

Sally - Straight Fit

Brady - High Wide-leg Fit

3. Choose a Stretch

Almost all of our female customers buy denim with some level of stretch in it, because it moves better with your body and forms more comfortably with your curves. Here’s our guide to the types of stretch we offer:

Has an authentic look, with a liiiittle bit of stretch added to it for comfort. It’s used throughout our men’s collections and in our women’s collections for the Heidi, Monroe, Sally and Alex silhouettes.

As the name indicates, this fabric has a normal level of stretch. It’s used throughout our men’s collections and in our women’s collections in the Sharp, Needle and Spray silhouettes.

WOW, this fabric has super stretch capabilities! Our power stretch denim will hold its shape with extended wear; it has an amazing recovery, so it doesn’t bag out or sag over time. This fabric is mostly used in our women’s collection in skinny and super skinny silhouettes (Needle, Sharp and Spray).

Warp Denim is a unique new technology used in our men’s and women’s collection. The fabric does not stretch in its horizontal weft weave, per tradition methods of making stretch denim; instead, the stretch has been added into the vertical warp weave, which allows for flexibility up-and-down. This fabric offers incredible performance and fit.

This new fabric has been developed in collaboration with the Candiani Denim mill and is constructed from multi-blend fibres that are typically used in the stockings industry. The fabric is not only super soft, but it has 360-degree super-stretch capabilities, with the stretch built into both the warp and the weft. In addition to incredible movement and comfort, the fabric has fantastic recovery. It has been silicone rinse washed.

4. Choose a Weight

The ounce (oz) weight of denim literally refers to how heavy the fabric is when measured per square yard. The heavier the yarn and the more densely it’s woven, the heavier the fabric becomes.

  • Lightweight: below 9 oz. Often preferred for summer months, because (you guessed it!) it’s breathable and easy to move in. It doesn’t take long to break in this fabric, and it’s generally quite comfortable as it’s lighter on your legs.
  • Mid-weight: 9 to 12 oz. The most common denim weight is in the mid category, as it’s best for year-round wear. Because the fabric is thicker, it’s also likely to last longer.
  • Heavyweight: 13 oz or more. Almost always virgin or Japanese denim (which tends to be more for guys, but in some rare cases we also make women’s jeans from virgin fabric, too). You’ll have to be committed to breaking in the fabric, but it will be worth the effort. Click here to read about our “virgin to vintage” experience.

5. Buy & Try!

Ultimately, the final step is to give your jeans a try! You’ll want to feel the quality of our fabric, and see how they fit against your own proportions. DENHAM now offers free shipping and free returns on all orders, so it’s easy to order as many as you like to try in the comfort of your own home.

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