DENHAM x Karski & Beyond

For Summer '22, we are excited to welcome artistic duo Karski&Beyond into our house for the latest instalment in the H.G.A. series (HGA #19)

Each season we reach out to exceptional creatives whose work we admire.
We invite international artists and designers to apply their style to the DENHAM scissor icon and other brand ingredients.
We help support them with a platform to promote their creativity.
As a guest in our house, the collaboration is based on shared ideas, thoughtful conversations and being nice to each other.

Karski and Beyond are a creative Dutch team crafting original, bright and colourful large scale graffiti murals.
Working together since 2012, their combined backgrounds of graphic design and fine art academy are the foundation of their modern, conceptual and dynamic graffiti style.

Known for their authentic use of form, composition and vivid colour combinations, these are the building blocks of their work.
Containing realistic, graphic and abstract elements, with surprising amounts of depth, they crafted unique paintings that tell a very modern story on the DENHAM logo, scissors and brand D.N.A.

It's accepted credence in the graffiti world to paint over another piece. But there are common rules to be respected.
We invited Karski & Beyond to paint over the DENHAM logo with thei abstract colourful style.

We comissioned Karski & Beyond to create a piece within our HQ on the N.D.S.M. Werf. The home of the Amsterdam graffiti scene.
The piece they created captured a shared devotion to our colour blue. As well as tagging the Denham name onto our walls.

Karski & Beyond swapped our iconic scissors for the bolt cutter. The tool of their (early) trade.
Combined with a skull to represent icons of their underground graffitti origins. Painted in their modern abstract style.
An adaption in technique from graffiti to art mural.