Welcome to our New Normal


As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the fashion industry around the world, and many retailers began closing their doors, different companies responded in different ways. Some rallied together to support their communities. Others cancelled billions of dollars' worth of agreed orders to safeguard company profits, passing along the financial burden of the disruption caused by the virus onto vendors and suppliers. Among the worst affected were the industry's most vulnerable, its garment workers.

Here at DENHAM, we value all commitments we make - especially those to our workers and customers. Honesty, hard work and integrity are part of our core values. Rather than cancelling orders, paying suppliers less or demanding gross extensions on payment terms, we took a stance. We kept and are honouring all orders made prior to and during COVID-19. Although we reduced a few orders, we did our utmost best to minimise any impact this may have to our vendors and suppliers. We truly believe that together, we will get through this.

Which is why following government guidelines concerning COVID-19, we have reopened our DENHAM stores across the Netherlands, as well as Belgium, China, Japan. Our stores are our second homes, the base for our DENHAM community and where our love for storytelling and our products truly comes to life. We are thrilled to be reopened for our DENHAM community. Our store staff is fully prepared to welcome all customers with open arms – following strict local regulations. We kindly ask that you follow all guidance from our store staff, who are also on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Our DENHAM headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Tokyo, Japan, have also reopened following the ease of local lock-down restrictions. Our HQ employees have been provided with a DENHAM face mask and are asked to disinfect their hands when entering and leaving the office. We offer flexible working hours for those interested, as their comfort, health and safety continue to remain a top priority for us during these times.

In these unprecedented times, we do all we can to support one another – while creating a safe haven for you. We don't have all the answers, but together we are stronger.

Much love,

The Denham family.





Rest assured we are following official government procedure and have implemented precautionary measures.