How to return your order

You have 30 days to return your order. All returns are FREE!

If you made your order before Monday December 3rd at 14:00hs CET and you wish to return one or more items from your order, follow the three-step process below.

If you made your order after Monday December 3rd at 14:00hs CET, you will find the return label inside the box together with the items you ordered. Stick the label on the box and take it to the corresponding courier drop-off point or arrange for them to pick it up.

Step 1 Verify Order
Step 2 Validate Address
Step 3 Ship Return

Verify your order

Enter your details in the sections below (you’ll also find this information in your original order confirmation e-mail).

Please review your entered information for any spaces and or capital letters. The search engine is very sensitive. This information you can also find in your Order Confirmation email and/or in your DENHAM account.

Find your order number starting with “NL..” in your original order confirmation email or the same number is stated as “order reference customer” on the Packing Slip document.

Please note if you used a different Billing and Shipping address, use the billing address postal code when filling in this box. You can find this information in the Order Confirmation email (use the exact same format, think of spaces and capital letters).