Why I Wear Virgin Denim: Robin Meijerink

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Instead of telling you why we love virgin denim so much, we’re going to let Robin Meijerink do it for us. Robin has been a loyal fan of DENHAM the Jeanmaker since five years ago, when he purchased his first pair of virgin jeans. Here’s why he got hooked …

Name: Robin Meijerink

Age: 28

Occupation: Founder of Robin Denim

When did you become a denimhead?

It all started about five years ago when some friends convinced me to buy a pair of raw denim. At first I hated them because I spent a ton of money on an uncomfortable pair of jeans! But after a few weeks of wearing the jeans they became more comfortable; from that moment on, I’ve never worn a pair of washed jeans again.

How did you discover DENHAM?

Right after I started to wear raw denim I became friends with a guy who used to work for DENHAM. He showed me all the nice collections and from that moment on, DENHAM became one of my favorite brands. Especially Clinton, my favorite tailor, is one of the reasons to visit DENHAM!

What’s your favourite DENHAM jean model:

For me, it has to be tight and connected to the legs — so my favourite models are the Bolt and the Razor.

What’s your DENHAM virgin model: 

Denham Upgrade, Regular Fit. The fabric of this particular pair of jeans is made by the Japanese denim mill Kuroki.

Why do you like virgin denim?

Raw denim is magical! Every stage of the evolution has its own charms. I really like the rough and crispy feeling of a new pair of jeans, and it only gets better from there. The other cool thing about raw denim is that it’s very personal. No one on this planet can create the same fades that I do.

How often do you wash your virgin jeans?

I never wash my jeans within the first year — I wait as long as possible to create high contrasts. After a year, I wash my jeans once every six months, but only if necessary.

Why did you cut your jeans into shorts?

I really like to travel, and I needed a pair of jeans that I could wear in 35 degrees. I’m not one of those crazy guys who can wear a pair of 20 oz. jeans in the middle of the summer. This pair of jeans has accompanied me to slums in Uganda, the rice fields of Bali, the islands of Thailand, and many more beautiful places.

We hear you’ve sea washed these shorts?

Yes, when I just started to wear raw denim I read about sea washing. This pair of jeans has been sea washed twice: once on Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia and the second time at Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

What’s the craziest thing you did while wearing these shorts?

I had the chance to dive with a manta ray, but I’d forgotten by swimsuit … so I decided to combine a sea wash with one of the most impressive experiences I’ve ever had!

Outside of denim, what’s your favourite hobby:

Travelling is my number one favourite thing to do. It isn’t just a hobby, I really NEED to travel. I need to discover other cultures, eat foreign foods and see the most beautiful places on every continent. Every time I come back in the Netherlands I already book my next flight — when I don’t have a trip in my prospects, I can’t function.

Do you have any advice for a first-time virgin jean buyer?

Denim reflects the lifestyle of the wearer, so just do what you like to do. My only advice is to wait as long as possible before the first wash, to create nice contrasts.

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