Meet Team DENHAM: Tjarissa Wattimena

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Meet Tjarissa Wattimena, the store manager of our Amsterdam women’s store (Prinsengracht 17). In addition to being one of the loveliest ladies we know, she’s got an amazing sense of style that always inspires us. Read below to get to know her … 

Name: Tjarissa Wattimena

From: Haarlem, the Netherlands

Worked at DENHAM since: September 8, 2014.

Title/function: Manager, Women’s Store Amsterdam

 Favourite thing about working at DENHAM? My DENHAM family (colleagues). We are all super close and they make every day at DENHAM so much fun!

Favourite jean? The Needle (high rise fit).

Virgin denim or stretch? I prefer virgin but nowadays for women that’s hard to find…

Trench coat or leather bomber jacket? Leather bomber jacket (anything leather will do) 😉

Favourite sneaker? My limited edition leopard print Nikes, which were designed by kids. I got them straight from Nike Town NYC, years ago. Still going strong!

Favourite thing about Amsterdam? My friends, the atmosphere, the vibe, the look, the freedom to be yourself, the craziness and last but not least… AJAX.

And a fun one: coffee or wine? JAPANESE WHISKEY! (No ice).

Charissa is wearing:

Glowing Shirt (previous season)

Heidi High Rise Straight Fit Jeans – GRBT

Boots & belt are her own

Photos: Catharina Veder.

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