Meet Team DENHAM: Marcia Godet

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Meet Marcia Godet, our Retail Director in Europe. She’s responsible for overseeing all of DENHAM’s stores across the continent. 

Name: Marcia Godet 

From: Haarlem, the Netherlands

Worked at DENHAM since: November 2015

Function/title: Retail Director Europe

Favourite thing about working at DENHAM? Definitely the PEOPLE.

Favourite jean? Difficult to say, as that changes every month. At the moment Alex GRNA, a loose jean with rips. For all year round I love my black Spray’s and Monroe’s. 

Virgin denim or stretch? Stretch. 

Trench coat or leather bomber jacket? Leather jacket (the one I’m wearing in the picture is my favourite).

Sneakers or heels? I have lots of shoes: sneakers, boots and heels. My sneakers see the most daylight and to be honest, most of my heels I hardly wear. 

Favourite thing about Amsterdam? There is so much to do in this relatively small city. I love the cosiness of the city in the summer when everybody is outside and enjoying the weather in the park, on the water, sitting in front of their house, or on a terrace. It feels then very vibrant.

And a fun one: pizza or pasta? Easy: pasta! Especially if it’s pumpkin filled ravioli or a good mac-and-cheese. Yum 😊

Photos courtesy: Iris Duvekot.

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