DENHAM X Anthony Burrill

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As part of DENHAM’s 10th anniversary celebrations this year, we are excited to announce a collaboration with English graphic designer and printmaker Anthony Burrill.

As House Guest Artist in June 2018, Burrill will custom-create a typographic poster for DENHAM, featuring the brand’s “The Truth is in the Details” motto. Only 50 limited-edition screen-printed posters will be made and autographed by both Burrill and Jason Denham. The print will also be featured on men’s and women’s t-shirts, which will be available at DENHAM stores and via select wholesale partners.

When Denham first opened the DENHAM office in Amsterdam in 2008, he hung Burrill’s “Work hard & be nice to people” poster in the reception area. It has since served as a constant inspiration, and often receives compliments from visitors. Burrill’s work is now a DENHAM staple and is hung at stores worldwide including Amsterdam, Antwerp, Sydney, Shanghai, Hamburg and Tokyo.


Here is a short interview with Anthony!

Had you heard about Jason Denham before this collaboration?

I look out for my work and how people interact with it. I was very happy to see that Jason had started to collect it and display it in DENHAM stores across the world. That’s the most exciting part of what I do, when my work travels out in to the world and connects with people everywhere. I started to follow Jason’s work and discovered his amazing story. It was great to finally connect and make new work, especially for DENHAM.

Why did you agree to collaborate with DENHAM?

I think Jason and I share similar concerns about our work. There are many parallels about how we approach the process of creating new work — exploring new areas of inspiration and building on work that has gone before. It was a natural fit to work with Jason, who is great to collaborate with. We quickly developed the idea of the letterpress print, and when things come together quickly it’s always a good sign. A good collaboration is the joining of two creative minds to produce new work that is a product of both people. When you have a good connection with a collaborator, the energy and ideas flow easily and, above all, it’s lots of fun.

What was your favourite thing about this project?

Inviting Jason to the print workshop in Rye where I produce my work, and introducing him to Ian Foster and Derek Stonham, the two master printers I have worked with for the past 15 years. It was lovely to share our working process and explain how each print is carefully produced using antique letterpress type. I live and work in a beautiful place; my surroundings and daily experience inform the positive nature of my work.

What do you admire about Jason as a designer?

His singular vision, integrity and genuine openness to collaboration.

What do you think about DENHAM’s motto, “The Truth is in the Details”?

I believe it.

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