Developed by renowned MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION in Japan, the very first BE@RBRICK was released May 27, 2001, as a gift for the visitors of the World Character Convention 12 in Tokyo. Since then, the bear design has gone on to become a cultural icon, reimagined and redesigned by artists around the globe. Now DENHAM has joined the ranks and developed its very own BE@RBRICK.

The DENHAM x BE@RBRICK is covered in an all-over design that is a play on founder and creative officer Jason Denham’s obsession with scissors - the brand’s hard-working logo. The all-over scissor print includes scissors with brass knuckles as handles, scissors with chainsaw teeth for blades and scissors with propheads, all reflecting DENHAM’s motto to ‘Worship Tradition and Destroy Convention.’

The DENHAM x BE@RBRICK is available in three sizes. The standard size (100 %) stands at seven centimeters tall, the medium size (400 %) at 28 centimeters and the large size (1000%) at an impressive 70 centimeters.

The DENHAM X BE@RBRICK collaboration also includes an exclusive capsule collection of DENHAM sweatshirts and t-shirts, as well as a limited-edition range of accessories created with FABRICK (a sister-company within the MEDICOM TOY brand). This capsule range includes iPhone cases; backpacks; home slippers as well as high-end, custom made furniture*.


*Custom made furniture from the DENHAM x BE@RBRICK collaboration is only available in selected retail stores.