DENHAM x Japan

Japan has been one of my biggest passions for as long as I can remember. The taste level and the quality is unique in everything the Japanese do.

Jason Denham, Founder

Denham made his first trip to Japan as a young designer in the 1990s, on a research trip. "I got off the plan and my jaw dropped," he recalls. "It’s an incredible place. The knowledge of product is second to none in the world, in everything – books, food, furniture, cars. And the service is super advanced. It’s about quality, content, substance. It’s amazing what they do."

After Denham founded his namesake brand in 2008, expansion to Asia was always a priority to him. DENHAM opened its first Japanese store in the Daikanyama district of Tokyo in 2010, and since then, the market has grown to become one of the most successful for the brand. Today, DENHAM is sold in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto, with continued expansion in the cards for the future.

"We believe very strongly in Asia, and it’s hugely important to our business. Japan is a key market, and we’ve built a fantastic platform for continued growth there. It’s really cool that a brand can cross borders and build itself on the other side of the world."

Jason Denham

Denham says the brand’s success can be attributed to the sophisticated level of retail, service and quality. Every element of the in-store experience is well thought-out and planned with sophistication — from presentation and attention to detail, to expertly trained sales staff.

Today, DENHAM Japan is overseen by Mr. Aki San, who drives the business forward with his passion for presentation, service and experience. He continues to grow the brand’s presence in the country with the best stores and locations.

"Tokyo is an incredible denim city, with a beautiful level of quality products. Japan has some of the best fabrics around. It’s important for me to keep in touch with what is moving in the Japanese denim market."

Jason Denham