We believe that to craft the perfect pair of jeans, you need to start by using high-quality materials. This is why DENHAM works with the finest, most sustainable denim mills in the world, in order to ensure its products are as perfect as they can be.





Founded in 1938 near Milan, Italy, Candiani Denim is one of the most well-respected fabric mills in the world. Today the company is renowned for its premium fabrics, expertise in artisan textiles, and sustainability innovation, which is why it is known as one of the ‘greenest’ textile companies in the world.

Over the past 10 years, DENHAM and Candiani have created and nurtured a close collaborative relationship. We can proudly say that we share a passion for authenticity, quality and pushing the boundaries for sustainable innovations within the fashion industry. Amongst Candiani’s many accomplishments, it has developed premium quality Italian selvedge denim and signature golden rivets. Every pair of DENHAM jeans that is made with Candiani fabric is finished with these golden rivets, as a seal of quality.


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Sukejiro Kaihara founded Kaihara Textile Mills Ltd. in 1951 with just an investment of 1.800.000 yen (approximately $5.000 at the time) 34 looms and a vision. Today Kaihara is known across the globe as the largest supplier of denim fabric in Japan, with decades of experience in both heritage Americana denim production and traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, as well as an eye for sustainable developments.

Its unique knowledge, paired with innovative technologies and cutting edge machines ensures the company remains one of the leaders in its category. Over the years DENHAM and Kaihara Denim have developed a close working relationship, as the two share a strong passion for authentic, traditional and sustainable denim.

Paying the highest level of attention to artisan detail, all DENHAM jeans that are made in Japan are sealed with unique red rivets – a homage to the Japanese flag.


Perhaps one of the most 'green' philosophies that DENHAM follows is its "virgin to vintage" concept, which encourages you to wear unwashed jeans. By purchasing an unwashed pair of virgin jeans, not only do you save on both chemicals and water from the washing process, but you are also able to see first hand how fabrics transform from unwashed jeans into love-worn pieces.

It all starts with purchasing a pair of raw denim jeans and gradually wear them in, slowly creating your own one-of-a-kind wear pattern that’s fully unique to you. By choosing to hand-wash them, you further extend the life, and beauty of your exceptional jeans.