They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure and this holds true to us - at least when it comes to fabrics. We believe that good design is sustainable design and that is exactly why we use techniques such as recycling and upcycling as well as using low-impact materials to make our collections. Because when we use salvage and repurpose quality fabrics that were destined to go to landfill, not only are we cutting down on waste, we are also breathing new life into these vital resources.


Introducing our new denim recycling programme: Bring Back your Jeans DENHAM! Once your beloved DENHAM jeans have been totally worn out, we will salvage them for longer life and less waste. At DENHAM, we always aim to create long-life, high-quality products; however, we appreciate that not every pair of jeans can last forever.

So instead of disposing of your used jeans and adding to them to landfill, we're asking you to bring them back to our DENHAM stores to be reused and repurposed. What will we do with your old, unwanted jeans, you may ask? We will either cut up the jeans and recycle the cotton to make new, beautiful fabrics with Candiani Mill, or we will use it for industrial purposes, like making wall insulation.

Either way, your jeans will be reused rather than thrown away, as we cut down on our waste. What's more, in return for your support you get a 20% discount on your next pair of DENHAM jeans. Win-win all round.

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We have been using recut fabrics to make our collections for a number of years now. Our recut parka from AW 2017 is a great example of what you can do with repurposed materials, and how easy it can be to breathe new life into vintage fabrics.

This unique parka was crafted from old Dutch military tents used during the Second World War. DENHAM simply recovered all the usable materials from the tents - including the original ripstop fabric to the seams and toggles - to make new, trendy and beautiful fitting parkas. Each of the items featured a completely unique colour depending on the original tent's exposure to the elements, as well as other regular wear-and-tear.

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Perhaps one of the most 'green' philosophies that DENHAM follows is its "virgin to vintage" concept, which encourages you to wear unwashed jeans. By purchasing an unwashed pair of virgin jeans, not only do you save on both chemicals and water from the washing process, but you are also able to see first hand how fabrics transform from unwashed jeans into love-worn pieces.

It all starts with purchasing a pair of raw denim jeans and gradually wear them in, slowly creating your own one-of-a-kind wear pattern that’s fully unique to you. By choosing to hand-wash them, you further extend the life, and beauty of your exceptional jeans.