DENHAM's Signature Details

Our brand philosophy is rooted in a passion for two things: details and truth. The details are what distinguish us, define us and drive us. The truth is inherently inside us and determines how we approach our work. Together, this is what makes us special over average. The details are what makes us, us. The details are our truth.

"If you want to examine the quality and care that goes into every single pair of DENHAM jeans, simply turn them inside-out. We believe “The Truth is in the Details” and every pair of DENHAM jeans tells a story – one that evolves every time they’re worn."

Jason Denham

Here are some of the signature details that set us apart from the rest.

Throughout Jason Denham’s career, he has collected thousands of pairs of tailoring scissors – each with a unique story and past. But there’s one scissor that’s the most important: his first pair, which inspired the brand’s iconic logo. The logo artwork was originally rendered by hand in watercolour, and then digitised. The result is a unique impression that combines both craft and technology, consistent with our design mantra to ‘Worship Tradition, Destroy Convention.’ The scissor is also a metaphor for the DENHAM team spirit, with the two blades working together for an exceptional result.

In every design we make, we aim to combine our vintage inspirations with original DENHAM details. A distinct example is our premium copper hardware. Used in workwear since 1873, copper hardware has been around for almost as long as denim jeans have. We add a black satin powder coating, which gives a luxurious and modern twist to a nostalgic classic.

Jason Denham introduced our iconic 7-point pocket in his earliest designs; it’s inspired by the natural anatomy of a hand. We later evolved to include a 5-point pocket in our collections, but we didn’t want to lose this important part of our brand heritage. We now make our coin pockets as 7-point, as a subtle nod to tradition.

Our yoke panels are finished with our signature print – a collection of scissor artwork we’ve designed over the years. So, every time you look inside your jeans, you’ll see a little bit of history.

Your pockets shouldn’t wear out before your jeans do. That’s why we line our hip pockets with fishbone, a strong construction that keeps all your personal possessions where they need to be. So, go ahead and fill your pockets with treasures and memories. We know they can handle it.

We love to showcase our signature scissor print, and you’ll find it on the fishbone fabric used to make front pocket bags. So, in addition to being very durable, they capture a little piece of history every time you reach in your pockets.

Rivets are placed on the areas of jeans most likely to be pulled or stressed. This helps to keep the fabric together and make the jeans more durable over time. Most brands emboss the top of their rivets, but we don’t stop there – our copper rivets are embossed on both sides, so our logo appears on the exterior and the interior of your jeans. After all, the truth is in the details.