DENHAM x Anthony Burrill

Join us in the presentation of our collaboration with Anthony Burrill.

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About the event

English graphic designer and printmaker Anthony Burrill is known for his persuasive, upbeat style of communication. When Jason Denham first opened the DENHAM office in Amsterdam in 2008, he hung Burrill’s “Work hard & be nice to people” poster in the reception area. It has since served as a constant inspiration, and often receives compliments from visitors. Burrill’s work is now a DENHAM staple and is hung at stores worldwide including Amsterdam, Antwerp, Sydney, Shanghai, Hamburg and Tokyo. 

As House Guest Artist in June 2018, Burrill will custom-create a typographic poster for DENHAM, featuring his take on the brand’s “The Truth is in the Details” motto. Only 50 limited-edition screen-printed posters will be made and autographed by both Burrill and Denham. The print will also be featured on men’s and women’s t-shirts, which will be available at DENHAM stores and via select wholesale partners.

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