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Denim shrinkage

Pre-washed denim garments may shrink a minimal amount if washed at a high temperature or tumbled dried. Virgin (unwashed) denim garments may shrink between 3% and 8% when washed for the first time.

Denim stretch

Many of our denim garments contain stretch, which can expand and mould to your body for extra comfort while snapping back to its original shape. However, a small amount of permanent stretching generally occurs with continuous wear. To ensure your denim garments last as long as possible, we recommend washing them as little as possible. Please carefully read the care label before doing so.

For more information on our stretch, please visit our Stretch Denim Guide.

Garment Care

All of our products feature a care label inside. This label tells you exactly how to take care of the garment. If your care label happens to be missing, please contact our Customer Service Team for care instructions.

Sustainability lies at the core of our company values. We are very serious when it comes to our social responsibility and environmental impact. We strive to work with the most qualified, sustainable and responsible denim mills, vendors and suppliers in the world. All of our partners have signed and adhere to our Code of Conduct. For more information on how we work sustainably, please visit our Sustainability section.

If you have received a defective or faulty item in your order, please contact our Customer Service Team before returning it to us.

If you encounter any issues regarding the quality of an item, then please reach out to our Customer Service Team. We will evaluate your concern and, if necessary, provide you with return instructions.
If you purchased a faulty item at one of our stores, please call or visit this store. Our sales associates will assist you further.

We offer denim maintenance, alterations and repairs through our DENHAM Service Co. You can find this at our stores in Amsterdam (Hobbemastraat 8 and Runstraat 18), Utrecht (Choorstraat 9) and Tokyo.
Please bring a receipt of your purchase for warranty purposes. If the warranty has expired, the costs of the repair will be your responsibility.