Will my denim shrink?

Virgin (unwashed) denim garments will shrink approximately 5 to 8% when washed. Washed denim garments may experience a small amount of shinking.

Will my denim expand?

We offer many denim garments in stretch fabrics. Stretch has the ability to expand for comfort, but also recover to its original shape; however, a small amount of permanent expansion generally occurs. For extra recovery, you can wash your denim garment after a long period of wearing it. Please carefully read the care label before doing so.

Are hazardous and environmentally damaging substances used to make DENHAM products?

We are very serious about social responsibility and our environmental impact. That's why we work with the most qualified, sustainable and responsible denim mills in the world. All of our partners have been qualified by various auditing organizations. For more information on what we do for Corporate Social Responsibility, check our ABOUT page.

What should I do with defective garments?

If you have received a defective item in your order, please contact our customer service team before returning it to us. If you’ve experienced quality problems after wearing your garment, please contact our customer service team. We will evaluate your complaint and, if necessary, provide you with return instructions. If you bought the defective item at one of our stores, please call or visit this store. Our sales associates will help you further.

Do you offer a repair service?

Yes, we offer denim maintenance, alterations and repairs though our Service Co. You can find this at our stores in Amsterdam (Hobbemastraat 8 and Runstraat 18), Utrecht (Choorstraat 9) and Hamburg (Bleichenbrücke 10). Please bring a receipt of your purchase so we can check the warranty. If your warranty has expired, the costs of the repair will be your own responsibility. We also have a pop-up Service Co that moves from store to store; check our Instagram channel for its latest location.

How do I wash / take care of my garment?

You will find a care label inside all of our products. This label shows you exactly how to take care of the garment. If your care label is missing from your garment, please contact our customer service team for care instructions.