Closing the loop with Post-Consumer Recycled denim

In 2019 we launched an initiative to bring your jeans back to be made into new jeans. Two years later, we present our most sustainable denim to date: our first-ever Post-Consumer Recycled Denim.
A project made possible by the DENHAM community.

We collected hundreds of pairs of worn-out jeans, which we sent to our decade-long Italian partner mill Candiani Denim for processing.
They cut them up, shredded them into pieces and broke them down into fibres.
These fibres were blended with new organic cotton to create a special run of recycled Selvedge denim.
For these jeans we could use a maximum of 21% recycled denim to guarantee the same premium quality of pure cotton.

We brought back your jeans in our iconic RAZOR fit in two washes.
Cut from a blend of recycled denim and new organic cotton made exclusively by Candiani Denim,
we offer a P.C.R Selvedge Virgin Denim and a P.C.R Selvedge Repair Denim with a medium-aged wash.

Worn in, but never worn out.