Introducing: The Recut Parka

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One of the most special pieces in the Fall-Winter 2017 collection is the “Re-Cut Parka,” a one-of-a-kind, limited edition parka.

The jackets have been crafted from vintage Dutch military tents from the Second World War. DENHAM repurposed the tents — from the original ripstop fabric to the seams and toggles — to create the parkas, working around the tents’ seams, windows, doors and flaps. Each has a completely unique colour pending the original tent’s exposure to sunlight and other wear-and-tear.

The original ripstop fabric used to make the tents was produced with a special technique that reinforced nylon with interwoven thick threads. The unique crosshatch pattern increased strength and durability, making the fabric resistant to tearing and ripping — a coveted quality for military tents that would endure exposure to harsh elements.

We upcycled the vintage military tents and gave them a new purpose, for which they weren’t initially intended. Instead of making the parkas from new fabric or material, we’ve created something more sustainable and eco-friendly.

The parka features a removable, down-filled liner for additional warmth on chilly days. Thus, it’s a three-in-one garment: wear with or without the liner, or wear the liner on its own. It also has a detachable hood, which is made from a vintage parachute camouflage fabric.

“It’s not oversized, but it’s spacious enough that you can layer up in winter,” says Evans. “ This parka is the perfect cold weather jacket.”

The jacket’s silhouette was inspired by the M-1951 fishtail military parka; the US Army originally designed it with an olive-coloured shell made from wind-resistant cotton sateen. It had slit front pockets, sleeve pockets and a hooded liner; later it was redesigned in a way that was cheaper to manufacture in mass-produced quantities.

DENHAM Re-Cut Parkas have been produced in limited quantities; only 250 have been made in total.

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