Denham Jeans

Skin SGS
Skin SGS € 159.00
Sharp ISL
Sharp ISL € 169.95
Shank Jeans - ASN1Y
Shank Jeans - ASN1Y € 169.00
Shank Jeans - 3DABR
Shank Jeans - 3DABR € 139.00
Skin Slim Fit - FBS2
Skin Slim Fit - FBS2 € 159.95


These are the principles of Denham design; 1 Start with the best fabrics - 2 Combine them with the most innovative high quality details – 3 Cut the most modern flattering fits – 4 And finish with the most authentic range of natural washes and wear–patterns. These combine into a premise that drives everything. The essence of these principles is powerfully demonstrated by turning one of our jeans inside out. This simple gesture says; “Welcome to the future of Jeanmaking” and this is the essence of any launch presentation of the Denham brand.

Our Jeans Materials

When the best fabric mills and laundry-houses in Italy develop something new, Denham is the first number they dial to share the excitement and explore the potential. The height of aspiration jeanmaking and a world where works- in denim become works-of-art. The assortment is anchored by mouth-watering Italian finishes and by “Rivetto d’Oro” styles, featuring a Golden Rivet. Which is awarded to precious jeans brands by the legendary Italian mill, Candiani. Around this elite selection of 5-pocket denim are collection pieces, which extend the same spirit and project the same swagger to soft knits and jerseys with sophisticated washes, statement-pieces in shirting and tailoring.

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