Men’s Knits

Our men’s knit sweaters and cardigans are made with careful attention to detail and premium materials — from cosy cotton fleece to supple waffle knits and smooth combed cotton. Layer them with tees and jackets, or wear them on their own in warmer weather; they’re year-round essentials.

  • Wall Crew Knit - TDF Wall Crew Knit - TDF
    Men Knits
    Wall Crew Knit - TDF
    €83,00 €139,95
  • Tech Hoody Knit - JS Tech Hoody Knit - JS
    Men Knits
    Tech Hoody Knit - JS
    €280,00 €400,00
  • Rib Cashmere Knit - PC Rib Cashmere Knit - PC
    Men Knits
    Rib Cashmere Knit - PC
    €245,00 €350,00
  • Tab Roll Knit - CFJ Tab Roll Knit - CFJ
    Men Knits
    Tab Roll Knit - CFJ
    €76,00 €109,95