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Spring Summer 19: OUTSIDER

The Spring Summer (19) collection is a tribute to the great outdoors by Jason Denham. This idealised take on adventurous pursuits, such as camping or hiking, offers an idyllic view of an active alfresco lifestyle.

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The collection combines nostalgic references to outdoor wear, such as an anorak from the DENHAM Garment Library, with heavy-washed and love-worn denim. Pieces are practical and made to layer, while the vintage silhouettes are modernised in in ultra-light fabrics. Jeans are available in our most sustainable washes yet, in unique innovations like hemp-based fabrics and “I.N.K.” denim, ready for the festival season. Graphics are crisp and fresh, inspired by Japanese shibori fabrics for men and a floral camouflage for women.

  • Union Shirt - DFIC Union Shirt - DFIC
    New Collection
    Men Shirts
    Union Shirt - DFIC
  • Lupo Polo - SPQD Lupo Polo - SPQD
    New Collection
    Men Polos
    Lupo Polo - SPQD
  • Union Shirt - HCB Union Shirt - HCB
    New Collection
    Men Shirts
    Union Shirt - HCB
  • Sherman Shirt - HCB Sherman Shirt - HCB
    New Collection
    Men Shirts
    Sherman Shirt - HCB
  • Kursk T-Shirt - IIJ Kursk T-Shirt - IIJ
    New Collection
    Men T-Shirts
    Kursk T-Shirt - IIJ
  • Indigo Rock Sweat - IW Indigo Rock Sweat - IW
    New Collection
    Men Sweats
    Indigo Rock Sweat - IW
  • Coach Blazer - PCWP Coach Blazer - PCWP
    New Collection
    Men Jackets
    Coach Blazer - PCWP
  • Sherman Shirt - SRC Sherman Shirt - SRC
    New Collection
    Men Shirts
    Sherman Shirt - SRC