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Rogue Shirt - ASC
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Rogue Shirt - ASC

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Rogue Shirt - ASC

This design was inspired by various pieces, from Japan to Western workwear.

  • Boro' is literally translated as 'rags' or scraps of cloth. Traditional 'boro' pieces are from Japanese labourers, who needed to extend the life of their indigo clothing with patch-and-repair additions.
  • We were further inspired by a piece in the DENHAM Garment Library (an archive of over 1,500 vintage items). It's a patchwork shirt from the Spitalfields market in London, which has a mix of indigo jacquard fabrics, textures and repair work.
  • We also looked to Japanese 'katagami' fabrics and homespun chambrays with 'sashiko' embroidery, which was historically used to strengthen repaired areas.
  • From the designer: 'It’s as if the wearer was working and the back of the shirt was torn by something, so it needed to be replaced with patches. For all embroidery repair I used a different thread color – a very light pink – which reflects tradition to hand-stitch repairs in different thread colours.'


Article number 02-17-05-40-005
Gender Women
Category Tops
Type Shirts
Composition 100% Cotton

About the collection

From Amsterdam to Tokyo

Each season, DENHAM’s design team approaches the brand’s signature aesthetic from new angles and fresh perspectives. This season’s collection inspiration began with a simple walk through the streets of Amsterdam …

The Netherlands’ capital city has long served as a source of inspiration for Jason Denham, founder of DENHAM the Jeanmaker. Some months ago, he was on a stroll through the ‘Nine Streets’ neighbourhood when he walked into a local antiques store, ‘Van Hier tot Tokio’ (From Here to Tokyo), just a few blocks from the DENHAM design studio. The store specialises in Japanese furniture, textiles and art. And since Jason’s had a longstanding obsession for everything Japanese, his creativity immediately began to flow…

Jason uncovered a stack of antique ‘katagami’ stencils, which are used in printing traditional silk kimonos. Each one had been hand-cut and punched with complex motifs, and each showed signs of wear-and-tear from years of use. Jason bought a few examples and brought them to the DENHAM design studio for inspiration.

The team quickly decided to give the designs a second life, reimagining them in a modern way with a fresh new twist. It’s a perfect reflection of DENHAM’s mantra to ‘workship tradition, destroy convention.’

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The Logo

The brand’s iconic logo

For Jason Denham, scissors are a symbol of his craft. Throughout his career he’s collected thousands of pairs – each with a unique story and past. But there’s one scissor that’s the most important: his first pair, which inspired the brand’s iconic logo.

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The Truth is in the Details

By Jason Denham

I’ve dedicated my life to making the perfect jeans. They’re my passion and my pride. Like a chef, I hand pick all my ingredients: I study tradition and technique, and obsess over every detail. I honour heritage and authenticity, while bringing a modern twist to my craft. I believe ‘The Truth is in the Details’ and every pair of DENHAM jeans tells a story – one that evolves every time they’re worn. I’m excited to share in this journey and story with you.