Denham Stieglitz

Amsterdam designer Pien Stieglitz represented the natural choice for a dedicated women’s collaboration. Stieglitz is a one-time member of the Denham team when the brand was being founded and has gone on to amass a passionate following among Amsterdam’s most style-conscious community. Her playful, breezy and sexy approach to both design and styling are founded in a love of exotic travel and foreign cultures so The Route to Blue City was right up her street. Together with Denham’s women design team she has created a special edition jacket, jeans and tee.

Stieglitz delighted in applying her own Gypset new-bohemian technique to denim including a modern take on scar-stitch detailing, embroidered graphics and complex basket-weave appliqué constructions. These additions sit naturally alongside Denham’s Route to Blue City collection, featuring other variations on Tear & Repair across both denim and tops categories.