Denham Penny Women Jeans

Penny Sneaker Flare Fit Jeans - ASNBF
Penny Sneaker Flare Fit Jeans - ASNBF € 149.00 voor € 74.50
Penny Sneaker Flare Fit Jeans - AVA821
Penny Sneaker Flare Fit Jeans - AVA821 € 169.00 voor € 84.50

"For women, it’s the small refined features that make the difference." - Jason Denham

Spray (Super Tight Fit) · Sharp (Skinny Fit) · Needle (High Skinny Fit) · Monroe (Tapered Fit) · Farrah (Flare Fit) · Penny (Cropped Flare Fit) ·

DENHAM: Women's Jeans

Modern Classic Fits

Denham is an expert on natural beauty, integrity & sex appeal. Recognizing it when we see it is in our veins - it’s what we call “Mouth watering denim”. We study it closely, we analyse hundreds pairs a year, we invest in capturing it in our denim collection, we invest in the highest quality and most advanced techniques. The design team are obsessed with bringing these qualities to life. We have developed partnerships with the world’s best laundry-labs and developed the most innovative techniques to carefully replicate the natural effect of age & wear.

Our overall fit-concept focuses on a modernist approach to a classic range of 5-pocket styles. Each fit, from skinny to high-rise, from slim to carrot, is carefully cut and finished to represent our unique contemporary take on the timeless and iconic 5-pocket pattern jean. High quality stretch fabrics retain its shape by exceptional recovery, creating the perfect silhouette.Our classic cuts include Spray, Sharp and POINT. Our directional silhouettes include GINZA, NEEDLE, FARRAH and MONROE.

Natural Wear Pattern Washes

Developed in collaboration with the best Italian and Japanese denim mills, the brand’s real distinction comes from the brand’s dedication to reproducing completely natural wear-patterns and nishing techniques . focused on producing a careful balance of high and low fade-tones as well as layered three-dimensional aging processes, Denham’s ‘Virgin-to-Vintage’ philosophy celebrates each phase of a wear-pattern’s journey from ‘virgin’ unwashed dark blue through to authentic ‘vintage’ replica washes based on years of real wear.

The Best Premium Denim Materials

The secret to building a great garment is the choice of materials. We take pride in using Italian, Japanese and specialist denim materials. Denim is an art-form and the fine line between balancing all the ingredients is minuscule. 99% of today’s denim is developed from cotton and a 3x1 twill weave with an ecru weft. It’s the dyestuffs and the finishes that make it something special. The Denham denim fabrics are selected by the quality, colour and flexibility. The beauty of denim is the diversity of treatments that can be achieved in the laundry.

We have developed close collaborative relationships with the world’s best denim mills. Weavers like Candiani in Italy select Denham to première their latest innovations because they respect the approach we take transforming their elite raw materials into finished products. Cutting edge stretch technologies like EME have been painstakingly developed to reproduce the beautiful washes and wear-patterns while also delivering dynamic stretch for today’s contemporary lifestyle. High levels of movement and stretch-recovery ensure the final jean continues to look and feel great.