Women’s Tops

Our women’s tops are designed with flattering silhouettes and beautiful, draping fabrics. For a casual look, the collection includes relaxed t-shirts, cosy sweatshirts and linen blouses. For more formal occasions, we have a range of feminine blouses, wool-blend sweaters and cardigans.

  • Naval Scissor T-Shirt - LWC Naval Scissor T-Shirt - LWC
    50% Discount
    Women T-Shirts
    Naval Scissor T-Shirt - LWC
    €19,98 €39,95
  • Dot Scissor Sweat - BT Dot Scissor Sweat - BT
    50% Discount
    Women Sweats
    Dot Scissor Sweat - BT
    €69,97 €139,95